Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heidi Little

I have come to know a patron saint by the name of Heidi Little. I work with her in a neurotrauma intensive care unit where she saves lives for a living.  She is also the founder and creator of a non-profit organization to help an financially underserved school which her kids attend.  She organizes fundraisers to provide small, yet very important resources and experiences for these kids which they would otherwise never enjoy.  I encourage you to visit her page: http://everettcommunity.org to see the change she is making in this world.

It is amazing to me how powerful one person's vision can influence so many.  The world could benefit from more passionate people like Heidi devoted to making a positive impact in our society.  Congrats to Heidi and her continued endeavors.  Support her if you can.

Hungry Addict


This blog used to be about my many efforts in my journey to healthy living and weight loss.  I got bored with that being the sole premise.  I am reinventing the blog to be about health, healthcare, music, forward-thinking, and whatever you want it to be.  I hope you find it interesting to engage in discussion about my "wonderful" opinions on these matters.  


Hungry Addict